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Malaysia Design Technology Centre [internship project at Ken Yeang office, 2003]

Project Aims
MDTC is Malaysia’s national design and technology hub, and comprises of the International Design Museum and exhibition spaces, professional design offices, and the HQ for the ‘Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology’ campus.

The prominent hill-top location above the new technology town of Cyberjaya reflects MDTC’s status for innovative technologies and creative design.

Designed for the future
The distinctive design of the MDTC is its expansive features, such as the ‘wing-like’ canopy roof that extends over the International Design Museum. This huge canopy functions as an ‘umbrella’, elevated over the central plaza for environmental shelter of large scale social events - such as concerts, exhibitions and public arena - enhanced by natural cross-ventilation breezes that cool the expansive plaza below.

The canopy roof protects the International Design Museum and a major exhibition space, and is framed by viewing ‘gallery decks’ that wrap around the plaza in a continuous ramp - from the plaza level to the underside of the design museum.

Extensive rooftop landscaped terraces insulate the building from the hot tropical sun. Lush green foliage enhances natural cooling of commercial and education blocks.

The Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology is an innovative and friendly campus. Teaching areas enjoy atrium spaces for natural lighting and ventilation. The campus has become a ‘design dynamo’ for the MDTC.

We designed the MDTC as ’socially permeable buildings’ that encourage social interaction and activity for people who work, study, live or visit the Centre. The central block embodies the objective of the MDTC to project a vibrant image in ‘design related activities’ with elegant commercial studios and inspiring facilities to students.

Project designed by Ken Yeang prior to joining Llewelyn Davies Yeang.
(except for the layout, all images are copyright T.R. Hamzah & Yeang, 2003)

(description text source: http://www.llewelyn-davies-ltd.com/)

this project has also been analyzed for the course of Territory (Grondgebied) [: Sun wind water earth life living; legends for design] (course code: AR2U070) in the MSc. of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands, 2006, in the site: http://sigit2006grondgebied.wordpress.com/

Work Description
Title: Malaysia Design Technology Centre (MDTC) or Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology
Status : Internship project
Year : Feb-Aug 2003, Project fisnished on 2004
Office : T.R. Hamzah & Yeang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Team: Ken Yeang (Principal), Andy Chong (Project Manager), Riet Eeckhout (Project Architect), Ridzwa Fathan, Sigit Kusumawijaya, Timothy Ryan, Edwin Stephen Liu, Debby Dian Anggraini, Tjung Ih Ven, James Alistair Lucas, Gyuga Chakravarthy, Michael, Parker Williams, Yen Niu, Mustasha Musa, Vincent Liong, Crystal Chan, Jimmy, Annie, Jason, Heng, Kenneth Chong, Don Lee, Siong, Shyuan, Woon, Kien Kong, Max, Chong, Lai, Kevin, Kennix, Liew Mee Yan, Hsuan, Lena, Ren, Vee, Azlyna

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